Tiny Superheroes!

Every now and then, something crosses your path which demands a response.

My family and I met Robyn Rosenberger of Tiny Superheroes a few months ago and knew we simply had to help her in any way we could. If you’ve never heard of Tiny Superheroes, you need to. They make capes for children all around the country facing illnesses which are terminal, undiagnosed, or simply don’t have a cure. Robyn and her family and friends have been hand-making capes for these littlest of superheroes, encouraging them to continue fighting the good fight against whatever ails them and calling attention to how incredible these kids really are.

If you know us, you know my family has an affinity towards all things superhero (with a particular nod towards Iron Man), and we’ve long wanted our photography to be a vehicle for giving back and bringing joy to others. We could not have been more excited about arranging a shoot with Tiny Superheroes to help get the word out about their incredible efforts on behalf of these special kids.

Here’s your opportunity to contribute to Robyn’s incredible and life-changing work. Tiny Superheroes has launched an indiegogo campaign with 22 days left to raise $64,000 so they can help empower 1,500 Tiny Superheroes over the next 12 months. Please dig deep and offer whatever support you can to all the kids who are facing a greater battle than most of us have ever known.

I’ll leave you with this – Fred Rogers, from “Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood”, once said, “Anyone who does anything to help a child in his life is a hero to me.”

May 29, 2013 - 1:58 pm

Leann Jenn Cors - Beautiful and inspiring! Way to go Robyn and Joe!

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