Christina & Miguel | Seattle E-Session

“You’re the pro here, so we trust whatever you think is best.”

I’ve been shooting portraits and weddings going on 3 years now, and I’d never heard that before…at least not that early and not that often. I first met Christina and Miguel at a coffee shop earlier this year and I could tell right away that they were driven people. They’re both in the medical profession, and as everyone knows, being in the medical profession takes discipline, a great work ethic, and a willingness to sacrifice for a longer-term goals. In fact, Christina was in the midst of studying for a huge exam when we met for the first time.

So for this accomplished, hard-working couple to put their trust completely in me was absolutely humbling and galvanizing, and I knew in my gut that we’d be able to create some pretty spectacular images together.  They wanted to shoot at the Great Wheel because that’s where Miguel proposed, and from the first frame I could tell we were going to have fun together. We explored different parts of Seattle and ended the evening with quite possibly one of the most SPECTACULAR SUNSETS OF ALL TIME. (seriously…scroll down)

I send couples a worksheet to help plan out their timeline for their wedding day, and I’ll admit I almost shed a tear when I saw a handwritten note on one of the pages:

“Please pull us aside for sunset shots.”

This incredible couple is getting married tomorrow, and you better believe it’s gonna be ONE. EPIC. EVENT.


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