Alice & Esmond – ECC & Edgewater Hotel Wedding

Alice & Esmond are dear friends of mine and quite possibly some of the most fashion-forward people I know. They pull off looks that I never even dream of attempting. They’ve dated longer than anyone I know cause they started when they were just teenagers, but hang out with them for a moment and you know they were totally made for one another.¬†Alice is a talkative, engaging, fun-loving woman that’a driven to succeed like nobody’s business. Esmond leans towards the quieter side and is a really good dude. Get him on the basketball court, though, and his game speaks louder than words…particularly as he’s swatting my tenth…er, someone’s tenth shot away.

Remember the kid in high school that awkwardly hung out by the food table during high school dances and wore the suit that was just a tad too big with a tie that was a tad (ok, completely over-the top) too colorful? Totally me. My style’s only marginally improved over the years, but get me behind a camera and I’m completely in my element. Hangin’ out with these two cool kids all day gave me hope that some of their coolaciousness rubbed off on me.

From beginning to end, this wedding oozed style. Every detail, from dress hangers to corsages to sunglasses to umbrellas, had been meticulously selected and planned out, and yet the day flowed more unpretentiously and smoothly than a hot knife through butter. Just like God had made Alice & Esmond for each other, this day had clearly been made for them.

They’d even planned an exit with sparklers at the end of the night, but we ended up getting quite a bit more excitement than expected. Once the dancing started, someone decided to start lighting sparklers inside the wood-lined reception hall. It was as awesome to shoot as it was most-definitely-not-allowed, so I just fired away and braced for the sprinklers to kick an already great party into the stratosphere (fortunately they never did!).

Another big thank you to Karen of Karen Obrist Photography for absolutely crushing it as my second-shooter for the fourth time!

Alice & Esmond, HUGE congratulations to you on your special day. Thanks again for the honor and privilege of being your wedding photographer, and more importantly, your friend. You two rock like a hurricane.

January 5, 2012 - 2:48 pm

Karen - These are all so beautiful, Yee! Some of my favorites are–> the one of her looking down with her veil on, the shot through the doors of the church, the diptych of their feet/her looking with the flare, and I LOVE that cheers shoot you got at the reception! You are so incredibly talented and it has truly been an honor to shoot and learn from you. Awesome job!!

January 6, 2012 - 11:43 pm

Feng Images - Karen, you’re a ridiculously talented photographer and I’m incredibly grateful to have been able to work with you several times this past year! I’ll be seconding for you in no time…no question.

January 10, 2012 - 12:13 am

Jennifer Zmuda - These photos are AMAZING!!! Great job!

January 10, 2012 - 9:09 am

JON KO - Yee is on fire…killin’ it.

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